In Quebec - here we go again
Fri Sep 7 14:49:56 EDT 2012

> Hasn’t the CBC been moving much of it’s operations from Montreal to
> Toronto, in order to  prevent it from being taken over by the Quebec
> government in case of succession?
> Larry Weil

Aside from Radio Canada International (now gutted anyway) and the local
Montreal radio and TV newsrooms, English-language CBC has been based in
Toronto pretty much from the beginning. The national master control
facility for English Radio 1, Radio 2 and TV has been in Toronto since the
current broadcast center was built in the 1990s. I think there may be some
distribution of Radio-Canada's French-language services that passes
through the Toronto facility, but otherwise the rest of Radio-Canada comes
from Maison Radio-Canada in Montreal (save, of course, for small local
newsrooms in other parts of the country, including a very small local
operation in Toronto for CJBC/CBLFT.)

About the only place where CBC and SRC are managed in common these days is
the corporate headquarters in Ottawa.


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