Maybe they did pronounce nucle-ar right

Attorney Chase
Mon Sep 3 22:09:25 EDT 2012

See below URL. Apparently President Eisenhower and Edward Teller also 
pronounced it that way, not to mention it may also have been a convention 
amongst the nucle-ar weapons labs.

> Listening to WINS today and heard several mispronounced words including my
> favorite cringe of all time NUKE-KU-LER, the anchor babe mispronounced
> it three times in one story. The broadcast industry once had high 
> standards,
> now even companies like CBS and their programmers pay zero
> attention to this type of error, they go on and on. The great legends of 
> News must be turning in their graves.
> You hear this stuff from PBS all the way down to local operations. When
> someone comes into a market and they no longer instructed
> about local pronunciations. This was a must years ago, now it is just
> another very common embarrassment for all concerned.

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