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On 10/24/2012 10:45 PM, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> Garrett's explanation below must be the reason why all of the cable systems in Plattsburgh NY, Burlington VT, and the surrounding areas put all the local network affiliates on locations different than their actual air channel.  Back in 1998, WPTZ (channel 5) was (and probably still is) on cable channel 2, WVNY (channel 22) was on channel 4, and WCAX (channel 3) was on channel 8.  I always though that was odd, and never understood why this was done until now.  Those channel locations were  (and probably still are) the exact same ones used on cable systems in Montreal; the stations must've wanted consistency across cable systems and simply requested that local US-based systems use the same lineup as the much bigger Montreal market.

But since there no longer seems to be an ingress problem, I don't 
understand why Comcast in Brookline suddenly moved WGBH 44 from channel 
44 to channel 16.

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