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On 10/20/2012 11:23 PM, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> The rule in Canada was (and so far as I know still is) that stations
> *must not* be placed on the same channel on cable systems as they are
> over the air.  In the days of analog cable, there was a lot of
> leakage, and broadcast stations (particularly VHF stations), if placed
> on their broadcast channels, would receive objectionable ingress
> interference from their over-the-air transmitters.  (It worked the
> same way here, too, except that some stations could demand to be on
> the same channel despite the interference.  In many cases, the
> stations were given two analog cable channels -- one for customers
> without boxes, with all the ingress, and one for customers with boxes,
> which would be remapped to the same number.)

When I first got cable TV, I used to get ingress on the major VHF 
stations, which had cable channel numbers which coincided with 
over-the-air channels.  It seemed particularly bad on 2 and 4 for some 
reason.  Those stations never got a second channel number, so I had to 
put up with the interference, until Cablevision engineers managed to 
improve the system so that they didn't get that as much.

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