Your radio presets?

Sean Smyth
Fri Oct 12 02:20:02 EDT 2012

I know we go through this topic every number of years or so, but wondering with all the relatively recent dial-shuffling what folks have punched in nowadays? 

Here go mine. 

AM: 660, 740 (hi, Bob), 850, 1030, 1200 (couldn't find another station to slot in here, really), 1510 (also used to switch to 1500 for sports at night).

FM1 (I call this my "music" bank): 92.9, 94.5, 97.7, 100.7 (used to surf to 101.7), 104.1 (used to surf to 103.3), 107.9.

FM2 (news/talk "bank"): 89.7, 90.9, 93.7, 96.9, 98.5, 103.7. I live in East Bridgewater, so depending on where I am around town, I flip between WEEI-FM and WVEI-FM.

Also, I'm pretty meticulous about having my presets lowest to highest. I have a feeling I may be alone on that.

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