850 runs loop in advance of split (to ESPN on AM)

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Thu Oct 4 11:16:58 EDT 2012


 T http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Air/850loop.mp3 hat is the five minute or so loop WEEI 850 is now running in advance of the split to occur tomorrow morning at 6
 (though technically both 850 and 93.7 will have overnight ESPN programming). Response to the announcement on
 WEEI's facebook has some saying it's great but some others complain they can't quite get the 93.7 signal. It's
 explained the other stations like 103.7 in RI, 95.9 and 95.5 up in Maine, etc. should help. One person says she
 works at Logan and could get 850 but not 93.7. (Surprised a bit...I know there can be problems, but...)

 I explained why this is happening. One person asked why 93.7 is in mono and I said the signal's fringe areas will
 get little or no "drift" if it's in mono. I mentioned WNIR 100.1 in Akron OH does this (a talk station, and I believe one
 of their hosts is Bob Golic, brother of Mike Golic from "Mike and Mike" on ESPN Radio)

 The loop says 97.7 and 107.3's HD=2 signals will have regular WEEI; there are phone apps, etc.

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