Stranger than fiction

Laurence Glavin
Thu Nov 15 18:33:06 EST 2012

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From: Chris Hall
Sent: 11/15/12 05:22 PM
Subject: Stranger than fiction

 Throughout the 4 o’clock hour WBZ-TV teased the upcoming 5:00 PM news that included the top story: 13 deaths are now being blamed on the use of 5 Hour Energy drink.....The 4 o’clock locally programmed hour of syndicated Judge Judy had no less than 4 commercials for guess what..... 5 Hour Energy two of which followed the 13 deaths WBZ-TV news tease. Does no one pay attention to anything other than their I phone anymore.

 On Current TV, there are numerous commercials for candy bars (perhaps by the same manufacturer). But there are also numerous
 spots for a blood-suger-level reader for diabetics, or perhaps for people who just want to KNOW their blood sugar level. I think
 on one occasion, I spotted adjacent commercials for a candy product, then the blood-sugar-reader.

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