Lovell Dyett

Tue May 29 17:29:50 EDT 2012

I remembered his from "Urban Update" on Channel 7.

He had a great "folksy" kinda show for WBZ radio Sunday nights....

I would like to know more about his background than the small blip that has 
been released.

>> On 5/29/2012 1:11 PM, Don wrote:
>>> Not sure when this  Over the weekend?

>> It was announced on WBZ this morning. I knew it was about to happen
>> several weeks ago when WBZ contacted me for biographical info about him.
>>  He was a force in the black community with a long track record, and
>> whether or not some critics felt he was effective as a talk show host, 
>> his
>> presence on the air was an important symbol.  At the risk of opening a 
>> can
>> of worms, WBZ Radio historically had only white male talk show hosts (not
>> that there's anything wrong with being white and male), so I think a lot 
>> of
>> members of the minority community felt it was important for Lovell to
>> continue having a show because he presented a different perspective.

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