Tom Finneran to leave WRKO

Bob Nelson
Tue May 29 13:44:41 EDT 2012

First speaking of talk radio we need to mention and observe the passing of Lovell Dyett (a different
 post I made has details from WBZ).

 Obviously many possibilities, including him staying with Entercom (would they offer the morning slot
 he desires?). The 97.7 and/or 107.3 simulcasts ("WRKO-FM"?) have been brought up before and I
 think they make enough money with WAAF that it's doubtful one or both would switch to talk. Then again
 2 weeks ago what if someone had said WFNX was going to be Clear Channel? Anything can happen
 though some possibilities are remote.

 107.3 flipping would make sense as it would help WRKO especially at night but for the most part I'd think
 they'd concentrate on day. And the FM signal wouldn't be concentrated on or near Boston (hence the
 reason why 97.7 was brought in to help). Would they ditch rock for talk?

 Entercom would indeed have the advantages, as you say, with such simulcasts and flips vs. CC's. WRKO does have a great signal by day, but people are leaving AM and just about every week we hear about some AM station
 moving to or simulcasting on FM. Ideally if Entercom had a moderately powerful FM besides their current
 3 properties here (93.7, 107.3, 97.7) near Boston it would make sense. If, for example, Entercom had
 bought 92.9, 96.9, 99.1, or a multitude of other frequencies (IF..) awhile back they could have done this by now.

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 But just think of the speculation that would ensue if Carr were given Finneran's AM-drive slot: Carr not leaving Entercom after all; 97.7 to become WRKO-FM and will flip to a 680 simulcast (or maybe 107.3 to become WRKO-FM and will flip to a 680 simulcast). If indeed we were to wind up with both a 1200/101.7 simulcast and a 680/97.7 simulcast (or a 680/107.3 simulcast), Entercom would have, by far, the better signals--on both AM and FM. (Compared with the 1200/101.7 simulcast, this would be true for either the 680/97.7 simulcast or the 680/107.3 simulcast.) What would CCU do then??? For sure, a field day for bloggers and posters and not just for Bob Nelson and Joseph Gallant!

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