A 'hunch' on 101.7

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The daytime signal vanishing at the Revere-Lynn line is most likely
the result of the change that CCU made in the day pattern a year or so
ago. The day pattern now uses four towers, whereas originally it used
three--just as the night pattern did from day one and still does. It
appears that the new day pattern was designed mainly to improve
coverage to the north-northwest at the expense of coverage in other
directions. The radiation maximum moved counterclockwise from 72
degrees true to 40 degrees true, but 40 degrees true, despite being at
the new radiation maximum, now receives a slightly weaker daytime
signal than it did with the original day pattern. If Lynn is where I
think it is with respect to the pattern (very close to the old daytime
radiation maximum and the unchanged nighttime radiation maximum), when
WXKS switches to its night pattern, the effect in Lynn is as if the
power were being increased by a factor of approximately 2.5. Depending
on your receiver's sensitivity and how good its AGC is, a change of
that magnitude can be quite noticeable.

If memory serves, the original vs. modified coverage maps in the
application for the new day pattern understated how much the daytime
signal to the east-northeast would be reduced.

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>I doubt Howie has had any formal talks with Greater Media or Clear
> at this point because of the legal mess of 5 years. He found out
> Entercom
> has very good lawyers.
> AM 1200's daytime signal vanishes at the Revere/Lynn line ( at
> nights it
> comes in fine )

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