Globe: What happened to rock radio in Boston?

Scott Fybush
Sat May 26 18:58:27 EDT 2012

The sale contract explicitly requires CC to change the calls at closing, and it makes no provision for CC to park them.

I am quite certain that what Mindich believes he has retained (and probably correctly so) is the right to commercial exploitation of the "WFNX" brand in the Boston market. Honestly, as long as Mindich owns the /Phoenix/, there's no reason for anyone else to want to be "WFNX" anyway.

Kevin Vahey <> wrote:

Mindich may actually think he does own the calls. It is possible that
CC and Mindich worked a deal that CC will either warehouse the calls
or just keep them on 101.7 and let Mindich do something online.

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On May 26, 2012, at 5:07 PM, Donna Halper <> wrote:

> And in that Globe article, it repeats the same assertion about Mindich
> owning the call letters: "Stephen M. Mindich, chairman and chief
> executive of Phoenix Media/Communications Group, which sold WFNX,
> retained the station’s intellectual property, including its call letters
> and music library. He sold the license to broadcast at 101.7 FM, which
> means the station could relaunch elsewhere."

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