Globe: What happened to rock radio in Boston?

Bob Nelson
Sat May 26 16:19:26 EDT 2012 

 Fybush: >>There’s still plenty of vibrancy to rock radio in Boston, but it has just moved to different places.

 College radio and other sources are mentioned and in fact Fybush says
 that Boston's college stations "...have the ability to be even more out there in their selections and less constrained by commercial necessities" but people say WBCN is missed, and add WFNX to that too. (I would
 wonder if WBOS, WAAF, and other stations will try to capture the WFNX audience in some ways...admittedly the latter does have a long running local music show on Sunday nights. Would WBOS add DJs and try to appeal
 to the FNX crowd, or would stations play it safe...

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