Sale of Nassau Properties...

Fri May 25 08:58:10 EDT 2012

I guess the new ownership figures (along with a lot of other people)
that call signs no longer matter, but with three other classical
formatted stations with similar call signs in Maine, it would appear
that there is a good possibility of confusion. I kind of like the
positioner "Bach Country." It's definitely different(!) And I bet you
could find banjo players who would be willing to record a lot of J. S.
Bach music. Such cuts could be of interest to both country and
classical audiences. It wasn't country (it was jazz, I believe), but
there must be others on this list who remember the Swingle Singers
from back in the '60s. Wasn't one of their albuns entitled
"Switched-On Bach?"

Dan Strassberg (
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> 93.3 WBQQ simulcasts 99.9 WTHT Country Formant
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>> Isn't there also a WBQQ?
> Yes, but it runs a different format now (and I think was sold off in
> a
> previous round).
> -GAWollman

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