"It's the programming, stupid!"

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It would pretty much have to be Burlington because, for WRKO to cover
the City of Boston adequately at night from Needham would necessitate
a night pattern that would send much more energy toward Nova Scotia
than WRKO currently does. The Burlington location, which is well north
(as well as west) of Boston, enables WRKO to use patterns that are
somewhat nulled to the east-northeast. The radiation maxima are at
zero and 150 degrees true. If WRKO were to transmit from Needham, a
long-dark 680 allocation in Dartmouth NS, which, by US-Canada treaty,
must still be protected, would no longer be adequately protected.
OTOH, moving WEEI to Burlington would reduce the station's nighttime
signal in Needham and Natick. The night signal there is already not
very good because of a broad, deep minimum to the west-southwest to
protect KOA. Moving WEEI's transmitter further from Needham and Natick
would only exacerbate that problem.

On the plus side, if WEEI were in Burlington, its coverage of southern
New Hampshire and Cape cod would improve dramtically and with 850 now
simulcasting on 93.7, maybe the FM signal would take care of the
worsened night signal in Needham and Natick. But does anyone know
whether the covenants on the use of the Burlington site to protect the
town's water supply would permit adding a second station to that site?
Perhaps WRKO already has redundant transmission lines from the
transmitter building to the towers. If so, those lines might be used
instead by WEEI, thereby possibly removing a reason for the Town of
Burlington to object to the addition of a second station.

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> AM is an expensive beast - today many transmitters sit on real
> estate that
> is very valuable. FM sticks don't need the massive land that AM
> sticks do.
> I am a little surprised that Entercom has not figured out a way to
> have 680
> and 850 transmitting from either Needham or Burlington.

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