Anybody know the breakdown between 93.7 and 850?

Laurence Glavin
Thu May 17 18:05:03 EDT 2012

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 >I can't imagine that happening, but if it should happen, liberal-talk >listeners here might get a chance to hear other hosts besides the >execrable Jeff Santos (currently on WWZN for what seem like 87 hours a >day). Time absolutely doesn't fly when you're listening to Santos and >if you're listening to WWZN, the likelihood is that Santos is on. >Santos deserves a lot of credit for his skills as an entrepreneur and >an impressario. It was no small feat to line up financial backing for >his leased-time arrangement with WWZN. But he deserves no credit at >all for his non-existent skills as a talk-show host. There ARE some >good liberal talk hosts--Peter B Collins is just one of them. Maybe >Santos's reason for not letting them on "his" station is that he >doesn't want people to compare him to good hosts--or even to mediocre >ones. (I'm aware that, in addition to Santos, WWZN carries Stephanie >Miller, Thom Hartmann, and Norman Goldman, but all are on delay and >the schedule i!
 s highly problematic, mostly due to sports pre-emptions; >WWZN carries the Sox en Espanol as well as some college sports.) Oddly >enough, CCU's Premiere Networks (obviously not a liberal company) >syndicates Randy Rhodes, who, though no favorite of mine, is orders of >magnitude better than Santos. >----- >Dan Strassberg ( 

 A casual reader of Dan's post could be excused for believing that he's indulging in a bit of hyperbole, but
 he isnt! In fact, he may be UNDERSTATING Jeff Santos's awfulness. For those whose exposure to WWZN-AM
 1510 in Boston is limited, first count your blessings, and if you're up to the challenge, just TRY to listen to
 just one hour of the seven scheduled hours he occupies on the station. That's right: SEVEN HOURS A DAY! He's
 host of the three-hour morning drive-time block from 7:00 am till 10:00 am (although one hour of that span
 is given over to Santos going "er, um, ahh..." not consecutively be interspersed throughout his morng stint).
 After having gotten out of bed in the wee small hours of the morning for a show with no listeners and no
 callers, so that he's forced to fill the time with scheduled guests, he takes a break of a few hours to nap, have lunch,
 and he comes back for his afternoon drive-time show scheduled from 3:00 pm until seven o'clock when there's
 no Red Sox game, or they're on the West Coast. (That's the situation now; of course during the off-season, the
 7:00 pm signoff is five days a week). There are times when I believe that WWZN "management" may be trying
 to sabotage the programming Santos underwrites. They run the VERY same promos and PSAs day after day
 at the same times so you know when "Don't throw mercury in the trash" is likely to air and therefore you know when
 to turn the volume down or change the station. (Santos's own promo is one of the worst ever made; it hasn't
 changed in ages. The only voices heard are Barney Frank, who's in the minority now and is leaving Congress in January,
 but is still described as one of the biggest names in politics, and John Nichols who's described as one of the biggest
 names in journalism. Oh really?. And although the idea of a promo is to inform listeners when the program in question
 is being broadcast, THIS INFORMATION IS COMPLETELY MISSING! Now Dan got one item wrong...the Stephanie Miller
 show IS broadcast live for the final two hours of her show on the network (it's also available as a simulcast on
 Current TV for the whole three hours) from 10:00 am till noon, followed by Ed Schultz's radio show from noon till
 Santos's afternoon block at three. The Harvard Business School should issue a paper on the insanity of the way
 WWZN is would qualify as a case study in bizarro world.

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