WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Thu May 17 14:30:58 EDT 2012

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> $11 million for a decent FM signal the heart of Boston is pocket
> change to
> CC. How much did they blow on upgrading the 1200 signal?
The number I've heard for the 1200 upgrade is approximately $10
million. However, I have no idea of the accuracy of that number and I
don't know what it includes. For example, does it include the cost of
buying the old WKOX 1200 from Fairbanks? If the numbers are indeed
within 10% of each other for the original AM upgrade and the FM
simulcast whose alleged goal is to save the upgraded AM, the phrase
"throwing good money after bad" comes to mind. Of course, if the FM
simulcast really does save the upgraded AM, all of the sniping will be
forgotten soon enough.

BTW, it may indeed be Howie Carr who ultimately motivated CCU to
spring for WFNX. If so, does Carr replace Jeff Katz in AM drive?
Remember, when Carr thought that he was jumping to WTKK, he was going
to be doing AM drive. I assume that if Carr moves to AM drive, Katz
moves to the daypart in which CCU believes he will bring in the most
$$$. And when his contract runs out, he's history (yet again).

Also, how is the 101.7 signal in Wellesley? (Isn't that where Carr
lives?) How long before he get pissed that the FM station CCU bought
for him doesn't come in well where he lives? If that happens, how much
"Clear Channel happens" will CCU management tolerate before they, too,
have had enough of the arrogant SOB?

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