WFNX sold to Clear Channel

Wed May 16 22:01:46 EDT 2012

But the table of allocations gets amended all the time. Is it that
allocations can be moved without waiting for an auction but
allocations can never be deleted unless an attempt is first made to
auction them and there are no bidders at or above the FCC's minimum
specified price? Clearly, there would always be bids at good prices
for a Class A FM in Lynn. However, I think I've read of cases (maybe
even multiple cases) in which FM allocations have been deleted to make
room for upgrades of other stations. Remember WUPY (later WUPI)?
Wasn't it at 105.5 (or maybe 105.3) and licensed to Lynn? I'm pretty
sure that it was deleted--not moved. I don't think WLYN-FM (now WFNX)
was the replacement for WUPY. I suppose that WKOX-FM (now WROR) might
have been, but I don't believe it was. As originally built, I strongly
doubt that WKOX-FM could have delivered 70 dBu to Lynn.

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> Unlike with AM or noncommercial FM, it doesn't work that way here.
> Taking WFNX dark only removes the current license from the database,
> but it leaves behind a vacant class A allocation at 101.7 in Lynn,
> which would then proceed to auction (and which would have to be
> protected in the meantime.)

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