ME-TV The Honeymooners

Chris Hall
Wed May 16 02:23:29 EDT 2012

Isn’t it just great, we have two ME-TV affiliates in the Boston market and neither is running the Honeymooners at 10:00 PM, what can you expect from
WMFP, it’s a lost cause.  But WMUR running channel 9 news in its place. I am going to stage my own protest which I know will do zero good by no longer watching either channel 9 or Hearst WCVB-TV 5 news instead I will change to WBZ . You might think that WMUR would at least preempt something less popular and put the Honeymooner in it’s slot. Every time ME-TV does a Honeymooners promo it just rekindles my rage at Hearst 

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