Philadelphia tower question

Scott Fybush
Fri Mar 23 11:24:30 EDT 2012

On 3/23/2012 12:42 AM, Chris Hall wrote:
> I know this is a Boston board but I know there are many Philly people
> who also read it. Tonight I saw an old Rosalyn Russell movie on TCM
> called “Where angels go trouble follows” It was filmed in the
> Philadelphia area. As they leave on a cross country bus trip I saw an
> I-76 sign in an area that was farmland with a tall two tower
> directional array with medium spacing between them. The towers looked
> to be of hefty width possibly in the Norristown area could this be
> the KYW array? The movie was filmed around 1967 so I suspect what was
> farmland then is now Philadelphia suburban sprawl.

I have a hunch that what you saw wasn't actually a DA. I'll bet it was 
the Roxborough TV/FM tower farm, which is very easily seen just across 
the Schuylkill River from I-76. The movie was released in 1968, and if 
it was shot a year or two earlier, most of the towers that now stand in 
Roxborough wouldn't quite have been built yet.

It might also have been KYW, but that's just far enough north of 76 that 
it wouldn't have been easily visible.

It's also entirely possible that the scene was shot on a different road 
and the production designers had put a fake "I-76" shield there for effect.


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