WJDA Quincy

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Wed Mar 21 13:59:43 EDT 2012

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 >It was mentioned to me, this past weekend that WJDA is likely off the >Long-Wire and now on a new Tower in Quincy as of the past few weeks. >Bill Dunn N1KUG >Cruise Ship Frequencies >http://scanmaritime.com/

 Where I live, about 30 miles north of Boston, it comes in almost as well as it did before. (I have a
 radio with a display of relative signal strength. Previously, WJDA was a little bit stronger than
 WORC-AM 1310 right next to it; now it's about the same. Non-directional WMKK-AM 1260 transmitting from
 Quincy surprisingly only a little bit stronger).

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