Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 19:08:45 EDT 2012

I'm in Holliston and have never been able to get any subchannels on 93.7. 107.3 is gangbusters as you would expect in Metrowest.


 From: Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@gmail.com>
To: Maureen Carney <m_carney@yahoo.com> 
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Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 4:20 PM
Subject: Re: WEEI on WAAF HD-2
Not sure where you are but I'm a couple towns away from 93.7's Peabody
stick and Funkytown comes in on 93.7's HD 2 on the FM-HD portable.
97.7 comes in fairly strong;
no HD-2 signal; 107.3 is fuzzy and again no HD-2 up here (Beverly)
because the regular
signal has enough trouble coming in, as it is.

It was said a little while back that WRKO popped up on WAAF and WKAF's
HD 2s, but then later: "nothing" then "WEEI-FM" on one of them. Maybe
they're making up for
possible dead spots for 93.7 west of Boston? It would make sense to put WRKO on
WAAF's HD 2 especially west of Boston...static and early sunsets (now
no longer a problem as we head toward spring)

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