Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri Mar 2 22:03:12 EST 2012

On 3/2/2012 9:26 PM, Cdsull502@aol.com wrote:
> Don't the Red Sox have exclusivity within their own  market?  I could see
> allowing Yankee broadcasts in Southern Ct. and other  areas not considered
> part of the Red Sox territory but Fitchburg?  Would  the Yankees permit a
> station in say, Jersey City NJ to run Red Sox games? I'd  doubt it.  Of course
> the WEIM signal is not a threat to anybody--and Red  Sox games available on
> at least two other stations in the Fitchburg  area.

I don't think there's territorial exclusivity for radio the way there is 
for TV.

Much as it pains me to say it, there's probably a buck or two to be made 
by a station like WWZN or even (gasp!) WRKO airing Yankees games to the 
pinstriped faithful who exist right in the shadow of Fenway Park.

(The numbers probably don't work as well in the other direction, though 
there are certainly at least more than a few Sox fans within the five 


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