Frederick Wales dies at 100

Thu Mar 1 08:26:55 EST 2012

Amazing that he headed the orchestra when he was only 18. I thought
that, in that era, the social norms were to promote people to
positions of responsibility only after they had served at least a
decade in more subservient jobs. Of course, in 1930, it would have
been difficult, if not impossible, to find someone who had been
director of a radio station studio orchestra for a decade or more. My
guess is that the first radio station studio orchestra didn't exist
until around 1925. There probably were several orchestras that made
radio appearances before then, but I doubt whether radio stations
started to hire their own orchestras until the mid-20s.

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Mr. Wales obituary needs only one line to describe his brief carreer
in Boston radio, leader of the WHDH house band in 1930-31, but the
thought that this link to such a remote period in local broadcast
history had survived so long  is astonishing. This must mark the end
of an era. I wonder what memories are lost with his passing.


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