Satellite radio
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I think  people are plenty accustomed to paying for  entertainment.

I agree with GAW.   With AM-FM radio laden with SO many obnoxious  
commercials, and with AM-FM radio becoming even more and more (music) boring,  full 
of sameness,  satellite radio is a very good alternative, especially  for 
people on the road a lot.  Those folks who travel bigger distances  don't want 
to bother to find their kind of AM-FM station every 75 miles,  especially 
when they have to wait 6 minutes for the commercials to end, to see  if the 
station plays his/her kind of music.  Soooo much easier to flip on  any of a 
person's fave satellite channels.   
AM-FM radio, beware....  Sameness to other stations in the market will  
kill you.
---Bob Bittner

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