Donna interviews Janet Baker-Carr

Sun Jul 29 14:44:56 EDT 2012

Donna's hour-long interview of the former WXHR (FM), WCRB, and WBAI
personality was on WRCA-1330 this afternoon, Sunday 7/29, from 1:00 to 2:00.
(During her long radio career, Ms Baker-Carr was also on other stations, but
she tried to tell Donna that she was on WPLN in Memphis, whereas--as Donna
pointed out--WPLN is in Nashville.) Parts of the interview were quite
interesting, but I wonder whether Donna thought that the program host, Dave
Bernard, would edit the tape. I guess Dave had more time to fill than Donna
expected because it didn't sound as if Dave had edited the tape at all. Ms
Baker-Carr is an elderly lady with a stuffy British accent. She was probably
brought up to believe that polite people NEVER show that they are enjoying
themselves. As you might imagine, such a guest can only very occasionally
make for riveting radio. Ms Baker-Carr warmed up and showed some enthusiasm
for perhaps 20 minutes at most. I wonder if Donna silently congratulated
herself for achieving such a breakthrough. Shades of the BBC or WOR (New
York) in the late 1930s.

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