How long before this happens?

Sat Jul 28 08:57:02 EDT 2012

I'd certainly listen to an AM station that played a good selection of music
presented with a little personality and a bit of information.  I don't ask

But no one has mentioned the dwindling availability of AM radios.  Has
anyone browsed the shelves of Best Buy and noticed that many of the radios
there do NOT have AM?  If the lack of programming doesn't kill AM, will the
lack of available equipment finish the job?

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I do believe a 60's format could work on the right AM signal.

1150, 1330 and 1510 have the best signal inside of 128. 1470 comes in fine
at night where I live in Cambridge but not by day. 650, 890 and 1060 are
tough sells.

590 and 1260 are locked into what they are doing.

That leaves 680 and 850 in play and I expect Entercom will do something on
one or both.

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