How long before this happens?

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jul 27 03:59:14 EDT 2012

Back in 1978 when the old 'MOR' format was skewing too old, Al Ham cooked
up a format called 'Music Of Your Life' and it became very popular. ( In
Boston it was on WXKS-AM for years )

Of course now there are many people in their early to mid 60's who no
longer have their music on the radio.

Now if you look at what was popular 50 years ago

or 45 years ago

Now the mighty 740 in Cambridge is an outlet - but honestly with all the
AM's out there can't somebody package a MOYL format and then sell it to
retirement homes just like Ham did for MOR?  I think 1510 or 1150 could
actually do nicely with this.

I think it is important to note that a lot of boomers preferred singles to
album cuts - heck the largest selling song in 1969 was from a group that
didn't even exist (The Archies )

Keep in mind you would be dealing with a demo that actually knows what the
AM band is.


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