Could Mindich have worked a deal to park WFNX on a boat somewhere?

Kevin Vahey
Tue Jul 24 13:11:36 EDT 2012

As we wait for the official end of WFNX, I am thinking more and more
that CC will apply for the WFNX calls and transfer them to some
obscure outpost and also host on I Heart.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> The following is a tweet posted 8 hrs ago by Carly Carioli--editor and
> publisher of the Boston Phoenix--as retweeted by Boston Radio Watch:
>>> ‎)Won't have info until morning, but simulcast likely to end on 101.7 - & ClearChannel switch begin - late tues/early wed
> btw it was noted on radio-info by Kevin that the Phoenix used to own
> WWRX in Westerly (103.7)--bought from Clear Channel, as it turns
> out--and the far-reaching station was later sold for about $14 million
> to Entercom, in a great move to expand the reach of WEEI. Also
> remember the rumor by the Weekly Dig that Entercom was going to buy
> WFNX and place Mike there, thus clearing the way for WEEI to land on
> 93.7? It was indeed a rumor but not so far fetched--it's been said the
> Phoenix did try to sell FNX to Entercom..(The "rumor" was that the
> deal was done. It wasn't...) .Also both the print and Web editions of
> the Phoenix said that while selling to Clear Channel was against the
> anti-big-corporations philosophy of the paper, WFNX was losing "tens
> of millions of dollars" and they had to do it.

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