Could Mindich have worked a deal to park WFNX on a boat somewhere?

Bob Nelson
Sun Jul 22 07:02:20 EDT 2012

Don't know if it would happen but there is a city in Alabama called Phenix City with at least one station having it as a COL, WGSY 100.1....suppose they apply for "WFNX Phenix City". Again highly unlikely but you never know.

 Or how about some alternative type station in Burlington VT, Portland ME, whatever. Picture them wanting the WFNX calls (a legendary Boston alternative station...again highly unlikely but picture Boston area college students going up to UVM and discovering a local station playing alt rock with the WFNX calls. Or just anyone who wanted a station to have the nickname "The Phoenix" for some go along with the many Froggies, Wolfs,
 Foxes, Dogs, Cats, or other animal nicknames!)

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