It appears 101.7 will become WHBA

Thu Jul 19 06:35:41 EDT 2012

Well, CCU spelled Rumba without an H (after the R), but WHBA has all of the letters of Rhumba (when Rhumba is spelled correctly). The call sign should (at least temporarily) raise the stock of the much maligned (by me as well as by others at Joseph Gallant, who has maintained from the outset that 101.7 would broadcast in Spanish. I wonder what David Eduardo (very knowledgable poster at R-I) has to say about this development.

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  Mark S was hearing it goes to automated FNX music at 7 till the actual
  takeover (Mon.?) Not sure if there will be a stunt.

  Talent usually isn't informed on what's happening in a situation like
  this (close-lipped on format change)--so he may be playing us for
  fun--but WXKS (AM)'s Jeff Katz said on facebook "it occurred to me
  that there may be too much music on the FM band".
  Uh huh. Yup, he may just playing that rumor around a bit... Similarly
  talent may not find out about a format change--that involves them
  being laid off--until they get that call into the office moments or
  hours before the flip. (In WFNX's case though there was more than
  enough advance notice as well as the opportunity to do "final shows")

  On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 12:36 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
  > The request was filed last Friday.
  > Call signs mean little these days but one would think if they were going
  > talk on FM there would be an indication of matching the calls of 1200 and
  > 101.7 but I can't find any indication they are doing this.
  > Give Clear Channel credit as they have kept a lid on their plans with less
  > than 5 days to go.
  > WFNX has announced they will sign off for good at 7 PM on Friday.

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