WSRO Power Boost

Garrett Wollman
Sun Jul 15 01:02:56 EDT 2012

<<On Sat, 14 Jul 2012 21:48:07 -0500, "Dale H. Cook" <> said:

> directions on the back side of the pattern. I have seen a number of
> modified cardioids in my career, and no true cardioids, although one
> has spacing, phasing, and ratio of 90, -90, .6, with the nulls only
> about ten degrees apart and the minor lobe barely discernable.

WBZ had one when it was on 990, and the pattern on 1030 (with the
towers in the same place) isn't much different (86.4, 93.6, 1.000).
(The towers are a quarter-wavelength apart at 990 kHz.)


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