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Wed Jul 11 15:27:33 EDT 2012

<<On Wed, 11 Jul 2012 14:46:23 -0400, Scott Fybush <scott@fybush.com> said:

> There is no question. The history is very clear on this. The station 
> that was in Bound Brook until 1943 was the 760/770 Blue Network facility 
> then known as WJZ and today known as WABC. (It's still using the tower 
> from Bound Brook, in fact - in 1943, it was dismantled and moved to the 
> current site in Lodi). The station that was in Wayne from 1932 until 
> 1940 was the 860 CBS facility then known as WABC and today known as WCBS 
> on 880.

RCA was able to get permission to move WJZ on the grounds that there
was an OWI shortwave transmitter station in Bound Brook as well, and
the OWI wanted to install more transmitters there.  Most other
broadcast construction was prohibited under the war materials
rationing rules.  I suppose it worked out OK, since Blue (later ABC)
ended up with the Lodi site and RCA kept Bound Brook.

> (NBC's 660, meanwhile, was moving around Long Island from Bellmore to 
> Port Jefferson before diplexing on High Island with WCBS in 1963.)

Bellmore was also a transatlatic shortwave site.


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