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The second tower on High Island is the (also diplexed) WFAN/WCBS aux. I forget the licensed power but it's in the 25 to 35 kW area. WCBS's aux is not allowed to run the full daytime aux power at night because the FCC says that doing so would cause first-adjacent interference to WAMG. How's that? I can hear you asking; WCBS runs a full 50 kW at night from its main tower. The apparent answer is that the shorter aux tower is less efficient and therefore produces greater high-angle skywave. Hard to believe, though, that the high-angle skywave with 25 or so kW into the ~1/4-wave aux antenna could be greater than the high-angle skywave with 50-kW into into the 207-degree (at 880) main tower. But, maybe. Anyhow, WFAN has no such restriction because WSRO is (and will still be after its forthcoming power increase) a Class D, which gets no protection from skywave, whereas WAMG is a Class B with an NIF of 12.5 mV/m (mostly contributed by WLS).

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  > Current location is High Island in The Bronx
  > Looking at the site on Google Maps there appears to be another tower on the
  > island.
  > Shorter and thinner.  Any one know who that belongs To ?

  It's a backup for 660 and 880.


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