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IIRC, The _old_ (that is, 860 and maybe 880)  WABC originally (at least from the time it increased power to 50 kW) transmitted from a site in NJ (maybe Bound Brook, but maybe that was WJZ 760/770, which became today's WABC). From NJ, the 860/880 WABC moved to Columbia Island, a man-made island in Long Island Sound off the coast of the Bronx. From there, the 880 station moved to its current site, also on an island (close to City Island), but not a man-made one, also off the coast of the Bronx. Can anyone tell us which site the 860/880 WABC was using in 1938 and also what New Jersey town its transmitter was in, if it wasn't Bound Brook. Oh, and also, what is the proper name of the island (near City Island) on which the diplexed 660/880 tower is now located? 
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  > Would WCBS NY have carried the program?  I would think 880 would have been
  > pretty easy to receive.

  At that time, it would have been WABC and on 860.


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