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On 6/30/2012 5:02 PM, Lou wrote:

> I agree that it would be silly for stations to announce an alternate
> programming source.  But I have heard WROR occasionally mention their
> "Nothing but 70s" HD2 channel on the main signal.  My point is that a little
> promotion in print, web or TV might breathe a little life into these dying
> outlets.

HD radio seems similar to what FM was in the 1960s, especially the early 
1960s.  Some stations just did simulcasts, some did separate programs on 
FM, and there were some stand-alone commercial FM stations, but the 
advertising for all of the FM outlets was very small.  Apparently they 
were all just hanging on, waiting for FM to take off.  Unfortunately, 
the stand-alone stations didn't quite make it until then, at least not 
without major changes in format.  I observed once on LTAR that of the 
three commercial classical stations in Boston back then, WCRB was the 
survivor, and I'm convinced it was because for most of that time, they 
alone had an AM signal, especially at a time when almost nobody had FM 
in their cars.  WXHR did eventually get an AM signal, very late in the 
game, but it was a daytime station (now WJIB), which was off the air 
during evening drive time all winter.

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