Happy 30th Birthday WMJX (Magic 106.7)

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Sun Jan 8 16:15:53 EST 2012


96.9 (as WBCS) was country CONCURRENTLY with Evergreen's WKLB (orginially 
signed on as WCLB in Feb 1994 IIRC) on 105.7.

96.9 was WCDJ (the first of 2 separate non-consecutive stints as Smooth 
Jazz) and flipped to country WBCS about May 1994?.  Boston actually had 2 
major signal Country stations with separate owners and programming for (I 
believe) over 1 year. (I say Major signals because I believe WCAV 97.7 
Brockton was still Country at this time as well, but the signal paled in 
comparison with todays WKAF (//WAAF) that I can pick up at times in the 
Salem/Derry NH area).

Then in the summer of (I want to say) 1996, the 2 stations simulcast  as 
WBCS/WKLB, slowly training the great unwashed radio listener that WKLB was 
to be on 96.9

96.9 and 99.5 swapped formats later on with WOAZ/Smooth Jazz 99.5 becoming 
WSJZ/Smooth Jazz 96.9 and 99.5 taking the Country and WKLB calls..

-Paul Hopfgarten
Epping NH

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From: Sean Smyth

In fairness, Fairbanks launched country on 105.7. Greater picked up
country when they swapped stations with one of Clear Channel's
predecessors (Chancellor? Evergreen? forget which), and then
moved it to 96.9. 

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