Who brought you to WBZ?

Ted Larsen tlmedia@triad.rr.com
Sat Jan 7 12:34:05 EST 2012

When I was there Westinghouse didn't care much about the FM-side and ran it 
by primitive and quirky automation. I honestly think they felt FM was a fad 
that would pass.Now-consultant and station owner Clark Smidt did the great 

Greater Media saw an opportunity, paid around three million for it and 
turned it into WMJX. Some fad Group W!...but I do miss you. I hear from my 
buddies it's not a fun place to work anymore.

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> Bill Marlowe.
> On 1/1/2012 6:01 PM, Don wrote:
>> I was listening to the Steve Leveille / Scott Fybush interview on the 
>> occaision of WBZ's 90th anniversary.  One of the questions was.....who 
>> (what personality/program) brought you to WBZ?
>> Myself, as a kid discovering some stations on FM...I found "Rockin' 
>> Stereo 106.7 WBZ-FM".  Lots of great songs for a teenager with no 
>> commericals!
>> They used to join the AM station for the top of the hour news, (a 
>> tune-out for a teenager!), yet there were times when I would be cleaning 
>> my room or something an left it on through the newscast.  Quite often, 
>> WBZ-FM would fail to split off from the AM simulcast for the news...and 
>> would continue to air the programming from AM.
>> It wasn't long before my curiosity got me tuning into WBZ AM....and 
>> hearing Dave Maynard doing middays, Test the Teams, Don Batting, Maurice 
>> Lewis doing news, etc.  (Was never a fan of Carl....)
>> When I got my drivers licence, most cars only ahd an AM radio.....and 
>> when WRKO was into news or spots, and WLLH was doing soemthing I didn't 
>> care for...I would scan the dial...and found Bruce Bradley and his wit. 
>> Thius guy was a riot without even trying!  (I cracked up when he referred 
>> to "Honey Lips Bob Raleigh" or Bruce Schweogler as "Schweggy-poo"!)
>> Later in my teenage years, I started discovering "The World of Guy 
>> Manilla" and on Sunday Nights Lovelle Dyett.  Both interesting 
>> individuals....who gave me some interest in talkradio.
>> I will say that when I had other friends my age in my car, they hated my 
>> selections....  ;-)
>> Who brought you to WBZ?

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