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>From his obit in 1998

'His career as a Boston newscaster came to an abrupt halt on Dec. 2, 1960,
when TV sets went dark just as he was wrapping up his evening telecast.

Though the broadcast was to be his last for the station, he was told he
wouldn't be allowed to thank his audience and sponsor. When he attempted to
thank them, the station cut him off.

After Mr. Best finished reading his prepared statement, the station went
back on the air. The incident led to scores of telephone calls to the
station and local newspapers.'

Westinghouse was never considered talent friendly - Rex Trailer was forced
to leave Philadelphia for Boston back in 1956 when NBC/Westinghouse swapped
licenses between Philly and Cleveland. The reverse happened a decade later
when Mike Douglas went from Cleveland to Philly when the Supreme Court
ruled NBC was being bad towards Westinghouse.

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> On 2/26/2012 6:04 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>  Victor was let go from Channel 4 in December of 1960 and told him he could
>> not say goodbye on the air. He tried to and the station went to black.
> That sucks.  Why would a station be that nasty to such a long-time fixture
> on the station?
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