WHDH-TV Weather 1959

Douglas Broda dbroda@nycap.rr.com
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Here's a radio one from WPTF Radio, Raleigh:


The radio version aired on WBZ radio before being on its TV sibling, per 
an unimpeachable source:


Donna's amazing book "Boston Radio: 1920-2010" has a photo of Victor 
Best as WBZ-TV's "Your Esso Reporter."

Also, the old Billboard issues on Google Books lend info, including in 
the 2/16/52 issue that Esso was placing its Esso Reporter newscast on 5 
local TV stations (WPIX NYC, WBAL-TV Baltimore, WTOP-TV Washington, WTVR 
Richmond, and WDSU-TV New Orleans. Each was noted to be using local 
newscasters. Various later issues list WMCT Memphis; WJAR Providence 
(note that the Providence cast was at 11 p.m. and Memphis at 10, but 
NO's was at 6 p.m.); WBTV Charlotte; WLWT Cincinatti; WFIL-TV Philly; 
WNBT NYC; WSYR Syracuse (as a sportscast, not newscast); WTAR Norfolk; 
WSM-TV Nashville. A 4/30/55 article mentions that there were at that 
point 20 local Esso Reporter NV newscasts. Wikipedia says it was on WRGB 
in my local area.

On 2/26/2012 2:01 PM, Maureen Carney wrote:
> I couldn't find any "Your Esso Reporters" from the US on YouTube, but there was this one from Brazil:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O51qmZeJh4g
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> I remember Victor Best as the Esso Reporter in the mid to late 50's on
> channel 4.

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