Former WBZ PD writes on how Dave Maynard became morning man

Donna Halper
Thu Feb 23 17:37:00 EST 2012

On 2/23/2012 8:46 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> So according to this, putting Dave on the overnight show was not a master
> plan to replace Carl. Rick had to convince NY that Carl had to go. Even
> Bruce Bradley was considered.... This reinforces my recollection that they put Dave on overnight to make him
> quit.
This is exactly my recollection of events as well.  But it should also 
be noted that Dave did the overnight shift on several occasions during 
his WBZ career, and it may not have always been as a punishment.  I also 
was mildly amused that Dave's involvement with the payola scandals seems 
to have been totally forgotten -- he admitted taking cash and gifts 
totaling about $7000 from record promoters during the period from 1957 
to 1959.  It was front page news at the time.

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