If you were to choose.....

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 08:51:19 EST 2012

I would choose boots on the ground seeking stories on which to report, thereby boosting numbers which drive sales. 

Bill O 
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From: Don <Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thu Feb 23 02:02:46 EST 2012
To: B-R-I <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
Subject: If you were to choose.....

WBZ radio has ticked me off a couple of times in the last few years.

First, when they tried to dump their live overnight show. Then when they realized that mistake, they backed off and re-instated Steve Leveille.

Then, WBZ turns into infomercial central on the weekend! 

Someone mentioned to me that the tradeoff at WBZ was between having a local overnight show and local news in the evening.......OR...infomercials during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Your call. If given the choice by your general manager to choose between those 2 evils ;-) Which would YOU choose.

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