Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Mon Feb 20 00:33:13 EST 2012

<<On Sun, 19 Feb 2012 23:50:47 -0500, "Bill O'Neill" <billohno@gmail.com> said:

> I think I may be hearing things, but I just happened to click on
> WUML on TuneIn at 11:40 pm to hear a woman systematically reading
> the coupon adverts for CVS Pharmacy and then "Moving on to
> Walgreens, ..." The product, the terms, price, savings, etc.

You're not hearing things.  It's the Talking Information Center radio
reading service.  They read the newspaper all the way through,
including the advertisements.

It's not a violation of the non-comm rules because there's no quid pro
quo: the licensee does not get any sort of compensation for airing the
reading service.  Usually it's only on subcarriers (a noncomm that
wants to lease a subcarrier must make a subcarrier available to
any reading service that requests it), but TIC has been on the main
audio program of a number of stations for several years, including
most of the State Coll^WUniversity system when the students are not
programming them (which means most of the time on WDJM-FM, probably
less frequently on WUML).  They also operate WRRS-LP in Pittsfield.


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