RIP - Dave Maynard

Kevin Vahey
Thu Feb 9 21:20:36 EST 2012

I am thinking it was around 1978 that they put Dave on overnights
figuring he would quit and he thrived on it if I recall.

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Garys Ice Cream <> wrote:
> Dave was a classy guy.....and a pleasure to work with.  I became Dave's
> overnight producer after Ruth Clennot (sp?).   I was also the producer of
> "Maynard in the Morning" for the first six months of the show.  In those
> days we worked 8 hour shifts (as opposed to working just 1 show
> today) I worked with Bob Raleigh overnight and then with Dave in the
> morning.  It was during "Maynard in the Morning" that we put together "the
> BZ Traffic Network" for the first time. (Rick Starr was the PD).
> RIP Dave.
> -Gary Francis,

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