Cozi-TV Hartford/Ch3, 3-2, /and off air TV future?

M. Casey
Fri Dec 28 14:16:30 EST 2012

For news, I agree, but for weather info 30-2 rotation had a full screen 
display of the regional radar (northeast USA) and the state radar loops They 
were the best for an instant rain-cast.
Channel 3's 3-3 weather loop doesn't compare to 30-2's pre-Christmas setup
Are there any stations in the Boston market with a sub-channel for weather 
left on?
And, channel 3 removed 3-2 a few months ago. Now many viewers in the 
Springfield market cannot recieve the 3-4/5 low power transmitter that is 
located in Wilbraham. The Avon mtn transmitter covers much better into many 
areas of the Springfield market with 1M watts on digital.
I hope not, but it looks like off-air TV may be in trouble at some point not 
too far in the future.
Mark Casey

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From: "Martin Waters" <>
 For us antenna-using Connecticuters, WFSB has a much better news/weather 
loop feed on 3.3, anyway.

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