Cozi-TV on 30-2 Hartford

Martin Waters
Thu Dec 27 19:37:12 EST 2012

> Larry Weil wrote:
> I don't know if Ch 30 is running 1080i or 720p, but if it's the former 
> they can only have one SD secondary channel.

       They used to run the NBC sports channel (WVIT is an O&O) on 30.3, but NBC moved it to cable nationally. That was shortly after the 2010 Winter Olympics, IIRC. That doesn't mean, of course, they're still using 720p on 30.2. For us antenna-using Connecticuters, WFSB has a much better news/weather loop feed on 3.3, anyway. 
       Given the ancient programming running on Cozi, why bother with 1080i? So far (launched Dec. 20), this channel looks like it's programmed by the department of obscurities at the museum of broadcasting. They dredged up Christmas episodes of all sorts of ancient series. How about, "Date With the Angels," a 30-minute situation comedy (sort of), starring -- wait for it -- Betty White. One season, 1957-58, on ABC -- at least according to Wikipedia (which means it might be true).
       Speaking of picture resolution, they showed (at least for Christmastime) a lot of 1950s' British TV -- Robin Hood-, Sherlock Holmes-type stuff. Some of it looks really grainy. I'm wondering if some of it's from kinescopes. Did Britain initially use a TV system with even fewer lines than the original U.S. standard?
       In any event, the only show I like to watch despite really bad kinescope quality -- other than to see a brief historic sample -- probably will always remain "The Honeymooners." 

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