Late-night radio is REALLY getting weird!

Thu Dec 13 12:07:00 EST 2012

Last night from 2:00 to 3:00AM, I had quite a choice of weired stuff--and
I'm not even counting the program (repeats of Danny Stiles Music Museum)
that is hosted by a dead guy (Stiles) on WRCA 1330. On WGBH 89.7 I could
listen to host Marc Maron interview comedian Louis CK on Maron's Web-based
program, WTF, which is rebroadcast on Public Radio Remix, now heard
overnights on WGBH. The subject was the period of about four years in CK's
life when just about everything fell completely apart. On WBZ, the fill-in
host was a woman. (I think her name is Jenn Graham, but I'm not sure. She
swallows her words so badly it was hard to tell.) Anyhow, she was talking
about how, after they die, she cannot bring herself to bury or cremate her
pets (and she has had many--including not only cats and dogs, but also
squirrels and hamsters, among other species). Maybe I missed the description
of how she preserves the carcasses, but I don't think so and I wonder how
the hell she has managed to avoid being overcome by the odor. Finally, there
was the usual assortment of comics on WXKS (AM) 1200, where your almost
never more than a few minutes away from a comic monologue, a few of which
are genuinely funny but almost all are weired.

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