1200 stunting as Gaffe 1200

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Yes! I remember Flaherty doing regular impressions on Jerry's show and he also was on with Brudnoy at least once (I called in). He would imitate Dukakis: "We'll look at the numbers and talk to the people. And then we'll look at the people and talk to the numbers."

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 Yep...others in that cast were Jim Flaherty - he was Andy Rooney, Johnny Most, and bunch of other voices...Mark Waldstein, who is better known as "Mr. Cheap" from his travel books, Val Bryce and Margaret Brady. We wrote it as a take on "Forbidden Broadway" for TV, and strangely, some of those 'politically incorrect' parodies came true! Alan ----- Original Message ----- From: "Bob Nelson" <raccoonradio@gmail.com> To: "Alan Tolz" <atolz@comcast.net> Cc: "BostonRadio Mailing List" <boston-radio-interest@rolinin.bostonradio.org> Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 1:59 PM Subject: Re: 1200 stunting as Gaffe 1200 >I saw Don't Touch that Dial at the Charles playhouse. They spoofed > stuff like Chet and Natalie and the one and only Bobby Boris Pickett > played Archie Bunker. > > On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Alan Tolz <atolz@comcast.net> wrote: >> That's right...Bob and Morgan were two co-writers on "Don't Touch That >> Dial, >> along with Jon Aldrich, a teacher at Berklee and a very talented musician >> and writer. >> >> >

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