When Roy Leonard was in Boston

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My recollection of the switch is that for about a month WNAC was a hybrid
MOR/Top 40 outlet.

The one announcer I am certain of during that phase was Ed Miller doing

The calls switched to WRKO during the transition phase.

RKO General and IBEW went to war over the changeover and IBEW wound up
striking shortly after WRKO started up. AFTRA honored the picket line and
it got ugly. The strike knocked Arnie Ginsburg off the air and he never
returned after the settlement as WMEX won their case.

Donna knows the story of a WNEU person who got caught in the crossfire.

On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 12:28 AM, Bill <brscomm@yahoo.com> wrote:

> According to  big68.org (the former wrko.org) the callsign change was
> mentioned in the Boston papers on March 8, 1967.
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> > I don't have enough info to argue, but something seems to be the
> > matter with the 1967 date. Gary is undoubtedly correct about the date
> > of 680's flip from WNAC to WRKO,
> Just as an FYI, I have the newspaper articles about the demise of the
> Yankee
> Network in late February 1967.  It is an accurate date, as is the fact that
> WNAC changed call letters to WRKO in mid-March (March 13th, I believe).

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