1200 stunting as Gaffe 1200

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 01:57:53 EDT 2012

Not a politician but talk host Bill O'Reilly's meltdown (with a couple
bleeped words)
is featured ("I can't read that (teleprompter); bleep it, we'll do it LIVE!")

VP Biden (who was unaware a local political figure was in a
wheelchair) urging him to stand up; "come on, stand up...oh God love
you"). Bill Clinton's denial of sexual relations
(then an admission); Reagan's mike check joke about bombing Russia, and Gov.
Rick Perry's brain freeze moment in which he can't remember the third
agency he'd
eliminate, etc. (During that debate, he let out an "oops!" after someone had to
remind him of it).

There's also a Family Guy moment where Peter Griffin says it was a mistake to go
hunting with Dick Cheney. After sound effects of gunfire, someone
imitating Cheney
says, "I'm sorry, I thought you were a deer."

On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 8:53 PM, Bob DeMattia <bob.bosra@demattia.net> wrote:
> I wasn't keep track, but here's what I remember
> before I drove out of range of the signal:
> President Obama, Governor Romney, Governor Dean, Governor Palin,
> Mayor Menino, and a few I didn't recognize.
> -Bob
> On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 9:08 AM, Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net>
> wrote:
>> Are the mis-statements mostly by lefties or righties? Seems like, if most
>> are by lefties, the new format is likely to be right-wing (basically what
>> 1200 has been doing since axing Katz and Severin). If the mis-statements
>> are
>> mostly by righties, the new format is likely to be "progressive talk." If
>> the mis-statements are pretty evenly divided between statements made by
>> righties and lefties, the new format is likely to feature hosts who offer
>> a
>> variety of viewpoints.
>> I haven't listened, but I think there's a good chance of the third option.
>> If CCU and Dial Global are unable to reach agreement on compensation, I
>> would expect that Premiere's Randi Rhodes would be the sole "progressive"
>> voice on what is mostly a right-wing talk station. If CCU and Dial Global
>> can reach some kind of agreement, I would also expect to also hear Ed
>> Schultz. If CCU and Dial Global can reach complete or near-complete
>> agreement, I would expect to also hear Stephanie Miller and possibly even
>> Thom Hartmann, but I doubt that there is much chance of complete or even
>> substantial agreement.
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>>> WXKS 1200 playing nothing but political mis-statements, as "Gaffe
>>> 1200". There's a domain name saying the same thing
>>> plus Comedy1200.com redirects you to the Gaffe 1200 page, I believe.
>>> Possible all comedy format soon? If so, similar to Funny 850 (WTAR) in
>>> Norfolk VA, an all comedy station playing stand up
>>> routines (often by comics SHOUTING with audiences laughing heartily).
>>> Maybe that until yet another format, who knows
>>> what, sooner or later? Meanwhile if RKO is to debut Rush and Coast to
>>> Coast on Aug 21, it looks like they'll be off all week
>>> if the stunt continues. Their shows can be picked up on CC stations in
>>> Manchester, Providence, and Worcester, etc.

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