Limbaugh returns to WRKO

Bob Nelson
Tue Aug 7 03:52:06 EDT 2012

I stand corrected about Entercom's other AM in Buffalo. And the 1520
they have, WWKB, actually can sometimes reach our own area (even if it
can't reach Rochester for some reason).

As for 1200's future at least for now they are continuing conservative
talk, only cutting the salaries of Jay and Jeff, and going with Andy
Dean, Beck, Rush-for-now, Sean,
Levin, and Coast-to-Coast for now. I suppose they could try to fill a
couple of those slots with prog talkers, or would they dare do a
varied lineup (as WWWT in Wash DC did for a time, "Left. Right. And
Whatever We Want.")

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 1:37 AM, A Joseph Ross <> wrote:
> On 8/6/2012 4:28 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> So what's going to happen at 1200? Spanish or progressive talk? Clear
>> Channel still has a handful of progressive talkers. The three I can think
>> of
>> are in Los Angeles, Denver, and Detroit, but there are others. In San
>> Francisco, CCU has a station that mixes progressive and right-wing talk.
>> Once upon a time, that would not have raised any eyebrows, but it's
>> extremely unusual in 2012 and has been for at least a decade.
> Wasn't WHMP doing that just a few years ago?  I haven't heard them lately,
> maybe they still are.
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